KKR and OWL are both Global Asset Managers that pay dividends. KKR has about 500 Bil (459 Bil as of Nov 2021) in total assets under management. Owl has 94 Bil total assets under management as of today Feb 17, 2022. KKR last reported quarterly revenues of 6.8 Bil ( 27 Bil annualized) . OWL reported quarterly revenue today of 288 mil (1.2 Bil annulized). With KKR having almost 5x the assets under management and doing about 22-24x the revenue of OWL, why is KKR market cap at 53 Bil while OWL market cap is at 18 Bil ???? Is that KKR is undervalued and OWL is overvalued ? Or is KKR is properly valued and OWL is overvalued still ? Or is OWL properly valued and KKR is undervalued ? Do any of you own both or either, KKR and OWL ? Would i be wrong to think OWL could be a good buy (long term hold) if its falls to a valuation closer to half of what it is now ??

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