About a week ago on r/Bogleheads, there was a post discussing SCHD, comparing its popularity with QQQ and discussing the pros and cons of it. In the end, at least compared to QQQ, they say its not the worst, but not the best, not as diversified as VTI, etc…, and in the end, they reiterate their lazy portfolio combo of VTI, VXUS, and a bond component. I think they don’t seem to like dividends a lot over there. Sorry, I don’t know if I can link it, but it’s easy to find over there.

For everyone here, as a relatively new investor (who does like to set and forget), I was wondering what you thought of the analysis? Do you agree? Disagree? I’m curious about your differing philosophies towards investing since both subreddits seem to be sure winners in the long run.

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