Stable Coins (USDC, USDT, BUSD, etc.)

Pool Protocol APY
DAI Bancor 32.32%
USDT Bancor 30.95%
USDC Bancor 29.38%

Ethereum (ETH, stETH, etc.)

Pool Protocol APY
wstETH-WETH Uniswap 72.79%
fxseth Convex 72.01%
teth Convex 71.82%

Bitcoin (BTC, WBTC, renBTC, etc.)

Pool Protocol APY
WBTC Mushroom 27.78%
hbtc Convex 5.03%
WBTC Bancor 4.73%

Full Degen (LPs with high risk)

Pool Protocol APY
CREDIT-WETH Uniswap 23709.95%
CDB-WETH Uniswap 4865.05%
X2Y2-WETH Uniswap 4558.46%

❤️ Happy farming 🚀

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