Another Clean Sweep on Options:

We really came through on the four options ideas we put on watch in yesterday morning’s premarket report. We had three earnings-related plays as well as some targets in the daily SPY, and witnessed some very nice activity out of our entire board. That leaves the number of unsuccessful options picks we’ve made this week at exactly one, with literally everything else we’ve mentioned providing some serious chances for quick profits.

Yesterday’s winning targets were the PAYX 04/21 $115 Calls, the LULU Weekly $367.50-372.50 Calls, the MU Weekly $59-61 Calls, and the SPY 03/29 $397-398 Calls, and here are the sorts of gains they provided for ourselves and our readers on the day:

PAYX 04/21 $115 Calls
 .75-3.80 (+407%)

LULU Weekly $367.50-372.50 Calls
$367.50: 3.30-8.24 (+150%)
$370: 3.04-6.90 (+127%)
$372.50: 2.30-5.75 (+150%)

MU Weekly $59-61 Calls
 2.78-5.55 (+99%)
$60: 2.23-4.70 (+111%)
$61: 1.60-3.80 (+138%)

SPY 03/29 $397-398 Calls
 2.17-4.58 (+111%)
$398: 1.43-3.62 (+153%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SMTC 04/21 $26-25 Puts
RH Weekly $235-230 Puts
SPY 03/30 $401-402 Calls*

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should not be attempted by inexperienced traders 

Extended Watchlist:

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