Wars – Global Equity Markets Performance in the past

Hope ? What use is Hopium if it solves none of the underlying problems. Sadly, nothing can stop a RIC alliance if situation is allowed to fester like this. India’s hands would be tied due to geography. Sitting deep in the middle between such lovely and co-operating neighbours, appeals and small talk would not help.

Only if US was willing to go beyond hoping, and help India out with some (many) F-22s, F-35s, a bigger say in UNSC and a few Aircraft Carriers to watch over the aptly named “Indian Ocean”,maybe, just maybe RIC will not happen.

Post War US had a chance to befriend a strong resurgent ally in Asia, yet it chose Pakistan. Back fired big time didn’t it ?

There is still time yet, woo-ing and courting wouldn’t do. An India armed to the teeth, its economy prosperous, her people happy is the only way to keep Asia balanced. Everything else is a cope.

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