Finally… after waiting for months (6 to be exact) I finally applied for the Altitude GO card on the day I turn 0/6. To be exact, I was 0/6 and 1/12 on may 28 2021.

(Quick question I will edit later, CL below, when I got approved or the CL I have now?)

Discover (5%) July 2019 (instant approved) 2,500 CL

APPLE card September 2019 (instant approval) 4,500 CLI

CITI DC instant denied December 2019

Amazon CC instant denied Feb 2020

CITI DC instant denied July 2020

Chase Flex recon approved 1000 CL Nov 2020

Altitude GO pending approved 1000 CL

Credit score across all bureaus are about 777, they pulled experian

Income: 39,000

Age of credit 1 year 11 months

If there is any information you’d like, ask. I’ll update this post.

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