Hey everyone, thanks so much for the positive responses on my first post about Trellis!

For those who didn’t see my first post, Trellis is a website I built where people can build trading bots without code.

I’ve been working a lot on improvements over the last couple months and wanted to share some of the major features I added:

  1. Trade with real money. Now you can connect to your Alpaca account and trade with real money instead of only fake money. This is a text-to-trade system where you receive a text when your bot wants to make a trade and you can then approve that trade by texting back.

  2. Global leaderboard. See how your bot’s performance compares to that of other traders.

Feel free to check it out if interested (it’s still completely free to use). I’d really appreciate any suggestions or advice on the product so I can make it as useful as possible. Thanks!


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