I am balls dip in AMZN. Love the company, and management. Its one of a kind, almost 30% of my portfolio is AMZN. less than 10% is GOOG. for past 6 months, google stock is taking beating even with 2 stellar ER and stock split announcement. Trading around 24 p/e. This is pretty attractive for the size they are growing at.

My question is, I am holding AMZN for the potential breakout. Hasn’t happen in 18 months. I don’t know what the next catalyst can be. and GOOG has been trading side ways for past 6 months even with stock split announcement.

Do we know what the next catalyst will be for AMZN? I don’t want to miss out on AMZN breakout, obviously no one can predict the future. but just want some opinion on what can make amzn to break the sideway trend or not wait and just increase Google position.

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