Background: 23 y/o male who has been able to live with his family and go to school in the same city for very low tuition.

I am fortunate enough to not be forced to pay rent, groceries or any utilities. I have used the money from working all these years to slowly put myself through college more or less on my own. The only loan I have taken out is for school is $3K. I currently have $10K in the bank.

My problem is this: Every semester I pay out of pocket, the amount i pay is almost everything that i have saved. It ends up wiping my bank and i have to work the same hours to make back what i had saved. In the next year or so, after i graduate, i plan to buy a car and move out of state.

While my tuition cost is only $3.5K per semester, thats $7K that i could have as collateral in the future at the ready if i need to.

Do i take the loan for the next two semesters and have to deal with bills later, but have money for an apartment and a car? OR continue to pay out of pocket and never have to worry about that debt, but have to work extra time after i graduate to make back the money?

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