Current Cards:

  • BOA $13K limit, 2005
  • Discover, $7K limit, 2009
  • AMEX Blue, $7K, 2007
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred, $41K, 2016
  • AMEX Platinum, just opened today

FICO Score – 831

Oldest account, 19 years

I’m leaning towards closing the Discover or AMEX Blue. I use Discover only for Amazon purchases. I wanted to take advantage of the 150,000-point offer for AMEX Platinum so feel AMEX Blue is redundant. The card I use the least is BOA but it’s my oldest card!

Chase Sapphire has been my card for everything currently but will switch to AMEX Platinum once I receive it. I don’t get anywhere close to the credit limits on any of the cards.

So should I close one?! Credit Score is really important to me, that’s essentially the reason for keeping a lot of the older cards.

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