$SHOP earnings:

Revenue $1.38B up 41% YoY Subscription Solutions $351.2M up 26% YoY Merchant Solutions $1.028B up 47% YoY MRR surpassed $100M at $102M GMV $54.1B up 31% YoY Gross profit $2.48B up 61% YoY

what’s your view?

updated model here: https://www.stellarfusiongroup.com/public-scenario/620d6deb7effdd6ba87bc1d1?utm_source&=share-modal&utm_medium=page&utm_campaign=d2ec1d00-5fa3-11ec-b6fd-1927246d33e5](https://www.stellarfusiongroup.com/public-scenario/620d6deb7effdd6ba87bc1d1?utm_source&=share-modal&utm_medium=page&utm_campaign=d2ec1d00-5fa3-11ec-b6fd-1927246d33e5

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