I typically lump sum into my brokerage account when the market is down. This month seemed like a great opportunity, so here’s what I got myself into in order of % holdings in my account.

  1. EPD: Not great growth, but a good dividend history, and in a strong position to take advantage of high oil prices that I think are coming soon.

  2. ALLY: Unfortunately, my money transfer didn’t go through before the massive jump on Friday. Regardless, a steadily increasing dividend. I think America is going to trend towards better financial literacy as millennials riddled with debt are pretty loud about it. Ally has the best HYSA available, and a pretty competent management of funds. I truly believe they’re undervalued at the moment.

  3. INTC: AMD is king of CPUs. But try and build a PC where you want to spend more than $200 on the CPU. Intel actually reigns as king for anything over $200. I think negative sentiment is hitting them way harder right now making them undervalued.

  4. ABBV: Not undervalued, but I wanted a healthcare stock. They have an EXTREMELY strong dividend growth history, but it didn’t come cheap with a PE of 20. Still, I think I’ll be glad I bought it. Also great growth which is a nice bonus.

  5. MMM: They still maintain top quality in everything they produce. The lawsuit making them cut 2.5b in revenue doesn’t match the price it ranked to. They have a good dividend history, and I think they’re extremely undervalued.

  6. XLK: I wanted some tech stocks. Sue me.

  7. PXD: Look at their 4 most recent dividends if you want your eyes to bulge out of your sockets. I don’t necessarily recommend buying this one, but I did, so here it is.

  8. (Honorable mentions): XOM, F, and KO. I want them, but my main strategy here was finding undervalued stocks, and they didn’t make the cut.

I used my last $300 to buy some SCHD because fuck it. My retirement accounts are all in S&P500 and total US fund, no individual picks.

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