Sorry for this rant but don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldnt try something, this is what keeps most of the population scared of trying anything new and keeps them as modern slaves.Odds are it doesnt matter what the percantage is or the probabily if i succeed in trading or not. Without even trying and quitting because you see a percentage or odds of not being able to do something or someone telling you its hard and you probably wont succeed is the worst thing you can take. I started working out and people told me i was wasting my time people would make fun at the facts i was working out did that stop me? NO and guess what now i have the physique i thought i would never have at the age of 18. Yes this is an example that i made a reality but this example can literally be implemented in anything you do in life.Why would i not try or keep going with trading just because of a dumb odd number i could care less if my odds said you have 1% chance of succeeding.well guess what i am that 1%.

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Title Of post: RANT because so many people in this group tell new traders that they shouldn’t try trading because its too hard.
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