Hello everybody,

I’m pretty new to dividends investing and have been doing some searches for good dividend stocks to invest in. Originally I was going to put a significant amount into $T but they’ve announced that they are merging with another company and essentially halving their dividends which kind of sucks.

Currently I’m interested in the following dividend stocks:

$GOOD $GLAD $GAIN $MO $XOM $FGD $SPHD $QYLD (saw this one is a popular one here).

For QYLD, in Robinhood it states the dividend yield is 0.72 whereas on NASDAQ website it states the dividend is currently in the 11%. I was wondering which it was, pretty sure it’s the 11% but confused as to why it would show as 0.72 in Robinhood.

Ideally, I wanted to have about 10ish stocks that gave dividends. Most of these are monthly dividends with about 3 stocks that give dividends quarterly.

I appreciate any feedback I receive or any suggestions to new stocks to invest in for solid dividends!

Thank you!

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