This is a warning to all OpenSea users. I don’t want anyone to go through the experience of losing so much money.

I wanted to explore the OpenSea marketplace. I logged in and found two new items in my collection. Truplay #3 – Tru WML Play and Block Riders Pass – Block Riders Tickets. As I didn’t recognize either of these items, I presumed that they were airdrops from projects who wanted to get attention. Not completely foreign in the crypto space. As none were of interest to me, I wanted to sell the items.

I attempted to sell both items and received the following error message: “this order is no longer valid on OpenSea Please refresh the page and try again”. I tried several times, and eventually gave up and moved on with my day.

I didn’t realize that my ENS had been drained until two weeks after. $6,500 is a life impacting amount of money. I perceived OpenSea as a reliable and trustworthy site, but that was my downfall. I don’t understand how it is possible for these items to be shown in “Collected” on OpenSea, and then ending up draining $6,500 of ENS when attempting to sell them. Isn’t OpenSea essentially facilitating scammers by providing a false sense of trustworthiness?

TLDR: If you see items in your “Collected” view on OpenSea be very careful.

Edit: A lot of people are disregarding OpenSeas responsibility of protecting their users. I understand it ultimately comes down to verifying the contract during signing. However, as a centralized entity (OpenSea) in a decentralized space you have to setup frameworks to protect users. Otherwise you are essentially facilitating scammers by providing a false sense of credibility and trustworthiness. I don’t believe this mentality will scale given larger adoption in the future. Given the size of OpenSea it would make more sense to assume a NFT to be fake and manually verifying it rather than manually marking it as fake. In the long run I think the cryptospace can be better of if we put expectations on centralized companies rather than the user. This is how it works in the non-cryptospace.

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