My company is looking for a new BI tool to help us visualize data for our customers as a part of a platform that includes several of our own proprietary tools. We don’t have the time and resources to build our own BI so we’re looking for BI solutions that allow for white labeling and embedded analytics that can quickly fit inside the design template of our portal. We’re a small (less than 20 in the company) and very new startup, so we’re prioritizing time-to-market for as cheap a price as we can.

We’re currently on Tableau and find it very slow to get dashboards up and embedded into our portal and feel limited in how we can control the design and template to match our portal’s design. We’re looking at Domo as an alternative, and the front-end embedding seems ideal for us with a slight sacrifice in how individual visualizations are created, and the ETL behind it is a little wonky.

I want to make sure we don’t get hyper focused on Domo as the obvious alternative. What other solutions do you recommend based on our criteria?

TLDR Requirement List Here:

  1. Time to market is our main concern, we need something quick to get up and running
  2. Cost is also a concern, we can go more than Tableau but less than Looker
  3. White labeling / Embedded Analytics
  4. Doesn’t need to be super fancy with data and ETL, we have our own talent and systems that can take care of this
  5. Would prefer a more powerful visual capability over data capability
  6. SAAS is preferred but not required
  7. Not too concerned about data security, our data sources are public and open-access

I’m currently looking at MachEye, Bipp, and Qlik sense, so would appreciate any input you have on these. If you have one you think is better that’d be great!

Thank you!

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