I am trying to decide if it’s better to set-up autopay for my bills with a Credit Card or ACH from my checking account.

I Googled a bit and I didn’t find anything all that helpful so I would love to hear some advice/insight…

In my case, funds in my checking account and credit line is a non-issue – either my checking account or credit card will have plenty funds/credit available. I also pay my credit card balance in full weekly.

ACH/Checking Account

-Banking info never expires versus Credit Card which expires every 5 years.

-I am forced to “trust” companies to [at least try] to secure my banking info.

-If a merchant makes an error and decides I owe them 10,000$, they could withdrawal it (potentially without notification or explanation). I’d have to work it out with them, and meanwhile, I might need the money.

-Transactions can take 2-3 days to process.

Credit Card:

-I earn rewards.

-I significantly limit the number of merchants that I have to trust with my routing/account number (thus in the event of a data breach, hackers/scammers cannot clear out my checking account, plus it’s less hassle than to get a new credit card versus opening a new account with the bank.)

-If a merchant unscrupulously over-charges me, they have “stolen” the credit card company’s money, not mine, so my finances are not destroyed while I am waiting for resolution.

-More flexibility… if for some reason, I want/need to horde cash, I can carry a balance for a short while and save the cash I would otherwise pay to CC vendor.

-Transactions resolve and appear/resolve on my account almost immediately.

-Slightly higher (1-2$) processing fees for some merchants.

Thanks in advance!!!

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