For me, worse than the hours, the clients, the lack of work life balance and poor pay is management. Managers are grossly unprofessional and communicate very rudely to staff. They ask big (the usual unpaid overtime hours) but they have very little respect for us. The tone of voice when they speak to us is condescending and rude. I’ve asked a manager a question before and been blatantly ignored and my coworker even said that a manager left a review point on a file insulting her work ethic and saying that she doesn’t care about her job (which is ridiculous because its literally there for everyone to see).

They get frustrated and flustered when deadlines are approaching and lose all professionalism. There’s no recourse with HR because what’s an A1 or A2 to a senior manager and partners don’t care about their attitudes once deadlines are met. There are a few good ones but it seems like they’re realising that the ones with the nasty attitudes get ahead so the nice, professional ones are few and far in-between.

I like the clients I work, I like my coworkers and I don’t absolutely loathe the hours. I’m hoping to get more audit experience but leaving for another firm is scary because I may have bigger issues with clients, coworkers etc. Not sure how to make peace with superiors who have 0 respect for me.

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