I met a friend last summer who told me, that, years ago, he lost his password. It was so easy that he has thrown the paper on which is was written away. Gone, in the trash.

He has the complete ETH Json file which also contains information about his original mail address to where the json was send. It was on the very beginning of ETH.

I also have a copy of it. I could send a version with some charaters missing to check if it is OK.

He also has a proof of the bank of the money sent to buy (I think) bitcoin. So for me there is no doubt that he owns the wallet.

The password he made was of the minimum length that was necessary. He is also quite sure about the uppercase character with which the password starts and the last (obligatory diacritic character, lets say like an ampersand. He used normal words. may be max two.

I would not place this on this forum if it was a normal wallet. But this one contains an enormous amount of ETH. So I hesitate to put the address here. Of you people think its ok. I will give the url with the wallet.

The value is huge. Even after the big crash.

We tried a company to find out the password, without succes.

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