I’ve been in business for just over two years, I purchased the company I had previously worked for for 9 years. And then started my own LLC to work under. In that two years I’ve constantly thought to myself that I should get a business credit card to reap the reward benefits as I easily spend 5k+ monthly on business expenses, but when I start looking into it I get caught up in trying to figure out the best card and then never commit. Any advice on what the best card is for a business would be appreciated.

Currently my person card is a Discover card that my sister co signed on like 7-8 years ago when I had no credit. (I’ve been meaning to get a new personal one for ages, because technically she’s the primary on it) Also I’ve got a Best Buy Visa.

Current FICO: 813 per discover

My business doesn’t really have any credit built up. it wasn’t until the last week of 2020 that it occured to me that while my personal credit score is excellent, my business has no credit because I pay for everything outright. I was at a dealership getting a work vehicle when this was brought to my attention, so what did I end up with? 7% interest 🙄.

So currently if you look at only my company’s credit and not my personal credit, I’ve got about a 6 month credit history.

Tldr; In business for 2 years, have about 6 months of credit history from an auto loan. Would like to start taking advantage of some rewards with a business credit card. Need some tips on the best ones to look at.

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