Lesson on E-Waves: Irregular Waves = Irrationality = Opposite Impulse Waves

1/25/23 Mid Day Report Consensus: More Selling Coming into Thursday Now Likely, Test Zone Expected SPX 3877/84. Market breaking down. Dip buyers are prevalent as I told my subs yesterday to expect this kind of behavior! Big Banks are not safe anymore and neither are non-organic eggs! Join us to find out what is up! 

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Morning Coffee: Pre Market January 25, 2023

The SPX is -42 points and in my belief could easily take out the last ‘c’ impulse up from Tuesday Jan 10-13…Target today 3877…


Yesterday was an irregular ‘y’ wave on the DJI and ‘b’ wave on the NDX and SPX and now we get ‘z’ and ‘c’ likely today. 


The 2 TLC lows on (redacted) next week suggests a low followed by a secondary low. The SPX has to challenge the (3764) Dec low on this “a” wave of [c] of A and it looks likely now that should happen by (redacted) on the SPX (redacted) on the DJI?). The astros agree. Any low today is likely going to be bought into (redacted) ‘b’ wave high and could be a w-x-y type of wave. Keep this in mind going forward.


This is the most irrational market I have ever seen! Irregular waves like this are usually found in bull markets, not bear markets. I keep saying this (currency wars?) and now even more irrational waves keep coming up! 


I see the low next week as being (redacted). It fits the AI which sees a top on (redacted) +/- 1 TD and also the long range (redacted) (and by extension the Socrates low on the….). The astros agree. TLC lows are not perfect. They just give buy spikes. They can also be late and even sometimes early. 


For now, I see a (redacted) major impulse top followed by a (redacted) major impulse low. The pieces of the puzzle are beginning to line up for the March/April Crash!


Mid Day Report 1/24/23

Mid Day Report: Market Should Go Down Hard Tomorrow

 After the Jupiter/Sun Sextile Tonight

There are 2 cycle lows due in the coming days, one tomorrow late day into the session with a target of 3877 SPX and (redacted) with a lower target to test the 3764 level. Thursday this week could have a healthy rally or go sideways into …)!


The 30 min is on a sell, with the others (60/120 min) trying to turn slowly. The 30 min. MACD is down and in the red.


One negative astro today is Mars sextile Rahu. Tonight finishes the beneficent Sun/Jupiter sextile. Astros become increasingly negative as we approach the weekend, on (redacted) the Sun trines Mars which is temporarily negative for (redacted), then negative again on …


(redacted) and (redacted) each have a TLC buy low on the chart. (redacted) should be a major top, with a very strong down move expected into …

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The crash is coming! Are you ready!


Brad Gudgeon


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