One of my biggest regrets as a CTO of 200-people startup studio is getting into content too late.

Content is a perfect way to grow your career, and more importantly, to grow as a person.

But first — here’s where I’ve started.

WTF content is?

I was confused by this word and never took it seriously. Probably like you now.

But turns out it’s simple.

Content is everything that we create. So everything that exists — is the content.

Like lines of code, presentations, your demos, articles, workshops, features or complete saas — is all kind of the same matter. Which I call “content” now.

Content is a product and measure of our work.

If your hard work doesn’t produce any content, it is meaningless.

You create for others

There’s no point in creating content that no one sees and understands.

And it’s your job to present everything that you create.

Remember one thing: your content is obvious for you, but it’s very difficult to get into. People are just too busy with their agendas and they are out of your context. You should respect that.

Make you content simple to digest and understand. Remind about you often.

Presentation is a skill, it’s the art, that you have to master in order to build the audience through genuine communication.

So change your daily routine to prioritize presentation.

It’s 50% craft, 50% distribution

Don’t treat distribution as less important part compared to creation. They go together and they equally important.

Optimise your process to create small results daily and immediately show it to your audience.

You should have an easy way to communicate with your audience. You should strive to get the real-world feedback on everything you’re creating. That’s how you understand that you’re moving in the right direction.

Publish often because most of your assumptions will turn out wrong. Validate your content daily to see what actually resonates with the audience and to build only what’s needed.

Start treating distribution seriously.

Block focus time in calendar just for that.


If you follow this process, you’ll gain clarity in your day-to-day life, and will create much larger impact with less efforts.

It’s shocking how many of common activities are just useless rituals from the past.

Don’t do a busy bull-shit job. Work smart.

PS I’d love to share more practical steps and references in the comments below. Ask your questions.

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