Jericho Energy Ventures takes controlled and minority investment stakes in early-stage low-carbon technology companies. Some of their main sources would be hydrogen, solar and other facets of low-carbon emission energy sources.

As 197 governmental bodies around the world are adopting green new deals, the demand for this solution will be skyrocketing. Black Rock, the largest asset manager as well as other global funds holding a total of $18T dollars, are reallocating capital towards sustainable sources.

Their CEO, Brian Willianson, began his career at Arthur Andersen as part of its Tax and Business Advisory Services Practice. While at Arthur Andersen, he worked with Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies and private firms on evaluating investment opportunities and conducting extensive research on corporate planning and due diligence on industry transactions.

Great leadership with tons of experience to back it up. Their entire team looks hungry and primed to grow the next important wave in the energy industry.

Some of their investments include:

  • Hydrogen Technologies Inc and
  • Eagle Road Oil

With partners such as

  • Protium and
  • Capella

Stay safe, this is not financial advice!!

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