JeJune Clairity Click-it: Useful Nonprofit Links + Resources

JeJune Clairity Click-it: Useful Nonprofit Links + Resources

We’re now transitioning to a novel period of nonprofit transformation, informed by events of the past year and an acceleration of digital disruption. It’s not “back to normal,” but that’s a good thing since normal was probably part of the problem.

I’m calling this issue jejune partly as a play on the name of the month we’re in and partly because jejune means “devoid of significance or interest.” Could that be how you’ve been doing fundraising? Are you relevant, or do you fail to meet folks where they are and fully engage them?

In recognition of the fact we’re moving from pre- to during to post-, I’m retiring one feature and adding a new one with this issue. The “Tips for Not-So-Normal Times” which debuted during the pandemic has now run its 15-month course (that’s long enough!). But the way forward is uncertain, and much is in flux. There’s so much conversation about the role of philanthropy and nonprofits and the best way to do fundraising that I’m debuting a new “Opinions” feature where I’ll showcase more than one side of an issue. Please let me know what you think; I truly value feedback.

Thank you again to my generous 2021 sponsor, Bloomerang, for their continued support of my curation of content for you across the web – all with the goal of helping you in your quest to facilitate passionate philanthropy. If you find one or more articles, webinars or free downloadable guides useful I’ll be happy.

And if you find Clairification useful … please consider enrolling in Clairification School to get 12 months of all the wisdom I have to share!

My motto is:  “If I know it, I want you to know it.”

Let’s get to this issue’s “click-it” links!

Thank you for doing the important work you do,


P.S. If you’re on the fence about enrolling in Clairification School, see what others say about why they’ve joined. If you’re not happy, I’ll refund you the $1.92/week. How’s that?

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