• Current cards:
    • CSR, Chase Freedom Flex, Citi DC, Discover IT, Capital One Quicksilver, WF Amex Propel
  • Average monthly spend and categories:
    • Dining: 500 – 600 per month

I currently have the CSR but with all the new cards that have come out since I’ve gotten it, I’m actively looking for reasons to keep it. My largest monthly spend is dining and I originally got the CSR as a dining card to replace the Uber Visa card after they changed their cashback to uber points only.

The 3% back on cashback with CSR is effectively 4.5% on travel through the chase portal or with the chase pay yourself back feature. I have been using the travel credit every year but with the AF increase to $550 the net $250 becomes much harder to overcome when there are many cards that give close to the same reward percentage on dining without AF.

US Bank Altitude Go offers 4% on dining and the newly released Citi Custom Cash offers 5% both without AF. This also doesn’t take into account citi’s prestige cards which can increase the value of citi points.

The doordash pass from CSR has been useful but I’m not sure that’s going to still be available in the future. I like the ease of use with Chase’s travel portal. And I heard that transferring points to partners is pretty easy but I don’t know if I have the dedication to maximize point spend by finding the optimal transfer strategy.

Are there other considerations I’m missing in defense of the CSR?

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