Hi all. Not sure if this is the best place to post this, so please direct me to the right subreddit if there is.

I’m a month into a tier 1/2 helpdesk job at a small community bank with 5 branches. I came from manufacturing IT, so this is a different world to me. I’m struggling to comprehend all the different software we use, mainly because I don’t understand all of the processes that go into banking. I don’t know what the users use most of the programs for, so I can’t understand their work flow. The documentation here is pretty much non existant and it’s hard to get ahold of the sysadmin or CIO. I’ve gotten a brief overview of everything we use, but it’s been very rushed.

What resources are available online that would help me understand banking as a business better? Preferably with a deeper dive into IT related aspects such as core banking, online banking, document management, etc.


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