Hi all,

I’m a first year at a Big 4 and boy did busy season take me for a ride. I’m feeling incredibly burned out and I just am having a tough time focusing on work at this point. I feel like I don’t get enough work done and I can’t motivate myself as much as before when my senior says “get this taken care of”. I’m extremely tired by the long hours and by the other requirements of life and the constant lack of sleep isn’t helping my performance either (team starts at 9-12:30 am)

I feel like the simplest tasks take me days. Today I worked on an easy task ALL day, just because I’ve been so burned out.

I’ve gotten an average performer review on my last engagement and my current senior says I’m doing good work. This being said, I’m afraid I’m getting on her nerves with how long it takes me to complete tasks.

How big of a deal is this? Does anyone else feel this way? Will it be okay or is it likely to come back hard with reviews?

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