ICSI Announcement for June 2021 Examination Enrolment


All Foundation, Executive and Professional Programme students eligible for appearing in June,2021 Session of Examinations are advised to go through the following important guidelines to be followed by them during the examination enrollment and while appearing in the examinations. Students are advised to take note of the same for strict compliance.



25TH MARCH,2021 (23:59 HOURS)



9TH APRIL,2021 (23:59 HOURS)





Grievance Portal at http://support.icsi.edu


1. Students are advised to select the Examination Centre, Combination of Module(s), Medium of Examination (English OR Hindi), etc. carefully. Students are advised to verify the parameters selected by them meticulously since for all changes in enrollment status, even if allowed upto certain stipulated dates, additional fee as decided from time to time will be levied.

2. Students are advised toretain a copy of the receipt for the examination fee remitted by them during the examination enrollment process. The Fee Receipt is automatically generated by the system for all successful transactions.

3. Students may please note that for all the transactions (including failed transactions), Request Id and Transaction Id are generated by the system. Therefore, generation of Request Id and Transaction / Payment Id does not always result in a successful transaction. It is in the interest of the students to verify the payment status to avoid complications at a later stage. Please re-submit the examination forms wherever the payments are NOT successful.

4. All examination applications without a valid fee receipt shall be rejected without notice. In case the amount is deducted from the bank / debit/ credit card account but the acknowledgement is not automatically generated by the system, students should verify the status of payment from their banker.

5. In case of payment of examination fee through Canara Bank Challan, the Date Of Deposit of Cash with the branches of Canara Bank will be treated as the eligibility date. Students will have to wait for atleast 3-4 days from the date of deposit of cash for reconciliation & transfer of the amount into the Institute’s Bank Account. They shall be able to generate formal payment receipt / acknowledgement only after realisation of the amount in the Institute’s bank account. In case the payment does not get reconciled within 3-4 days, students are advised to send a copy of the Challan at http://support.icsi.edu for verification of receipt of payment.

6. Students generating the Challan up to 25thMarch, 2021 have to deposit the cash on or before 25thMarch, 2021 to avoid applicability of Late Fee failing which they will have to re-generate the Challan and deposit the cash inclusive of the late fee. Similarly, Students generating Challan during the period from 26th March, 2021 to 9thApril, 2021 will have to deposit the cash with the bank on or before 9th April, 2021. The examination enrollment applications in respect of students who deposit the cash with bank after 9th April,2021will be rejected without further notice. Please ascertain bank holidays, if any, to ensure that the cash is deposited well in advance to avoid rejection of application.

7. In every examination session, lakhs of students are expected to seek enrollment and to avoid difficulties at the online portal due to peak load, students are encouraged to submit the examination form well in advance without waiting for the last dates. The Institute may not be held responsible for failure of submission of form and/ or payment due to technical or other problems.

8. Students will not be allowed to submit the examination form and fee after the stipulated dates and such examination forms will be summarily rejected without notice.

9. Students are advised to verify the preliminary enrollment details in their online accounts to avoid complications at a later stage.

10. Students may please note that changes in the enrollment status are not ordinarily allowed. However, in unavoidable circumstances, they may seek change of Examination Centre, Combination Module(s), Medium of Examination and Cancellation of Paper-wise Exemptions granted during the periods mentioned below :-

Stage Start Date for submission of Online Requests for change of Examination Centre, Medium & Combination of Modules Last Date for submission of Online Change Requests / Cancellation of Exemption
Foundation, Executive & Professional Programme Examinations 10th April,2021 1st May,2021
Fee applicable for each change Rs. 250/=
(In case of submission of request for Change of Examination Centre from any of the Centres located in India to Dubai, Surcharge of US$ 100 or its equivalent amount in Indian rupee i.e. 7229/= will be applicable in addition to the prescribed fee of Rs.250/-).


11. Registration Denovo: Students whose registrations have expired on completion the validity period of five years are required to seek Registration Denovo through the online facility available at www.icsi.edu (after logging into the student account at www.icsi.edu). Students must seek Registration Denovo well in advance so that they shall able to seek examination enrollment by 9thApril,2021 to become eligible for seeking enrollment to June,2021 session of examinations. The Institute may not be held responsible for any delay on the part of students to seek Registration Denovo timely resulting in non-submission of examination form.

12. Paper-wise Exemption on the basis of Higher Qualifications: Even if the students fulfil the eligibility conditions of paper-wise exemption on the basis of higher qualifications viz. ICAI-Cost Final Pass and LL.B. Pass with 50% Marks, the last date for submission of such applications for Paper-wise exemption is 9th April,2021 to become eligible for grant of such exemptions & its applicability in June,2021 session of examinations. Students who submit the paper-wise exemption applications after 9th April,2021, even if they are eligible, will not be considered for the purpose of June,2021 Examinations. Students may submit the request for Paper-wise exemption through this portal.

13. Paper-wise exemptions based on scoring 60% marks criteria: Exemptions based on their performance in December,2020 examinations will be granted to the students by the Institute and in case the students are not interested in availing the exemption, they may seek cancellation of the same by submitting online request at https://smash.icsi.in well in advance but in any case by1st May,2021.

14. It may be noted that in some cases, the exemptions granted in accordance with the various provisions contained under the regulations are inter-related with other exemptions granted and cancellation (or appearance) in any one of the papers may result in cancellation of exemptions in all the inter-related papers. For example, if a candidate has been granted paper-wise exemptions in three papers on the basis of scoring 60, 62, 58 & 10 Marks respectively in the four papers contained under Module-I of Executive Programme in previous session and in case he/she appears or cancels the exemption in any one out of the three exempted papers, all the three exemptions shall be cancelled since the exemption criteria in this case is applicable only if all the three papers are taken together. Candidates are, therefore, advised to be extremely careful while seeking cancellation or while appearing in the exempted papers, as the final result will be computed considering the actual marks scored on reappearance and/ or the deemed absence in the papers as the case may be. In other words, candidates appearing in the exempted papers despite an endorsement to the effect in the Admit Card shall be doing so at their own risk and responsibility and the Institute may not be held responsible for any eventuality which may arise at a later date. In case of any doubt regarding the applicability of rules regarding the exemptions, it would be better if the candidates seek prior clarifications from the Institute by writing at Grievance Portal at http://support.icsi.edu before appearing in the examination of exempted subjects or seeking cancellation of exemptions granted.

15. If any student appears in the examinations disregarding the exemption(s) so granted under the 60% marks criteria and shown in the Admit Card, the appearance will be treated as valid for the purpose of computation of results and the exemption granted will be cancelled without notice.Students are advised to be extremely careful while cancelling the exemptions and while appearing in exempted papers as it shall lead to cancellation of paper-wise exemptions in all the inter-related papers which may have an adverse impact at the time of computation of results.

16. Compulsory switchover from Executive and Professional Programme (Old Syllabus) to Executive and Professional Programme(New Syllabus) :

It may please be noted that the last examination under Executive & Professional Programme (Old Syllabus) shall be held during June,2021 Session. From December,2021 Session onwards, all students under Executive & Professional Programme (Old Syllabus) shall be compulsorily required to switchover to Executive & Professional Programme (New Syllabus).

17. Corresponding Exemptions:

1. Scheme of Corresponding Exemptions on switching over from 2012 Syllabus to 2017 Syllabus of Executive Programme

MODULE 1 Paper Code Paper Code
1 Company Law 321 Company Law 422
2 Cost and Management Accounting 322 Corporate and Management Accounting 425
3 Economic and Commercial Laws 323 Economic, Business and Commercial Laws 427
4 Tax Laws and Practice 324 Tax Laws 424
5 Company Accounts and Auditing Practices 325 Corporate and Management Accounting 425
6 Capital Markets and Securities Laws 326 Securities Laws & Capital Markets 426
7 Industrial, Labour and General Laws 327 Jurisprudence, Interpretation and General Laws 421

2 Scheme of Corresponding Exemptionson switching over from 2007 Syllabus to 2012 Syllabus and from 2012 Syllabus to 2017 Syllabus of Professional Programme

Passed / Exempted Paper under 2007 Syllabus Paper Code
Corresponding Exemption under 2012 Syllabus on switchover from 2007 Syllabus Paper Code
(2012 Syllabus)
Corresponding Exemption Paper under New (2017) Syllabus on switchover from 2012 Syllabus Paper
Code (2017 Syllabus)
Company Secretarial Practice 231 Advanced Company Law and Practice 331 Resolution of Corporate Disputes, Non-Compliances & Remedies 436
Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings 232 Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings 338 Drafting, Pleadings and Appearances 433
Financial, Treasury and Forex Management 233 Financial, Treasury and Forex Management 335 Corporate Funding & Listings in Stock Exchanges 437
Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency 234 Corporate Restructuring, Valuation and Insolvency 333 Corporate Restructuring, Insolvency, Liquidation & Winding-up 435
Strategic Management, Alliances & International Trade 235 Elective Subject shall be exempted 341 to 345 Elective Subject shall be exempted 441 to 448
Advanced Tax Laws and Practice 236 Advanced Tax Laws and Practice 337 Advanced Tax Laws 432
Due Diligence and Corporate Compliance Management 237 Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due Diligence 332 Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due Diligence 434
Governance, Business Ethics and Sustainability 238 Ethics, Governance and Sustainability 336 Governance, Risk Management, Compliances and Ethics 431
Information Technology and Systems Audit (code No. 334) under 2012 Syllabus shall be exempt for all students switching over from 2007Syllabus to 2012.

18. Pre-Examination Test

All Students desirous of appearing in the June, 2021 CS Executive and Professional Programmes Examinations under New Syllabus (2017) are required to successfully complete a Pre-Examination Test to become eligible for appearing in the main examinations. Students are advised to refer to detailed FAQ available at the website www.icsi.edu or at https://www.icsi.edu/media/webmodules/e-learning_Pre-Exam.pdf

19. One Day Orientation Programme:

All Students pertaining to Foundation & Executive Programme stage registered from June,2019 onwards and desirous of appearing in the CS Examinations are required to successfully complete One Day Orientation Programme to become eligible for main examinations.


Have you correctly filled up the following?

1. Examination Centre

2. Combination of Module(s)

3. Medium of Examination

Have you checked the following?

1. Availability of correct photograph and signature in your online account

2. Preliminary enrollment details in your online account

3. Validity of your existing registration

Have you gone through the following ?

1. Guidelines of paper-wise exemption and complied with the requirements thereof

2. Guidelines of switchover to new syllabus and complied with the requirements thereof

Have you successfully remitted the examination fee and downloaded the fee receipt /acknowledgement?

Have you regularised your provisional registration to Foundation Programme / Executive Programme by submitting the proof of passing 10+2 Examinations / Bachelor’s Degree Examinations respectively?

NOTE : In case your answer to any of the questions given above is “NO”, there is every chance of rejection of your examination enrollment request. Therefore, please make it a point to ensure compliance with all the check points given above to avoid complications in your examination enrollment.

Stage Examination Fee (Rs.)
Foundation Programme 1200/-
Executive Programme 1200/- Per Module
Professional Programme 1200/- Per Module
Late Fee (for all Stages) 250/-
Fee for Change of Examination Centre/ Combination of Module(s) / Medium of Examination 250/-
Surcharge applicable for appearing from Dubai Centre US$100 or its equivalent amount in Indian Rupees i.e. 7229/=.

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