Exam 3 is like pulling teeth to force myself to study. In the past fear of failure pushed me hard, and I think that’s what made me pass. 2 down and I’m lacking drive, commitment, and feeling really miserable making myself study.

I just want this behind me and in danger of self sabatoging I feel.

Update: I am glad this isn’t just me! I took the nap and feel a bit more refreshed. Hope to not regret it later. Jumping back on the wagon trying to get at least 6 hours today. And a whole wakeup up to bedtime day tomorrow. 😑 Just hope it’s not 6 hours of me repeatedly finding an excuse to get up and do something else. Even my SO found me napping and freaked out worried I was extremely sick because that’s just not me. I’m sick of something haha 😄

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