Hello! I am studying using Becker. I’ve been studying since the beginning of October and my exam is on January 4th. I study full time but even then each lecture takes me 4 hours to get through and the mcqs take me 2 to 3 and I still end up with a 50-60%. I also skip the sim. I dont know how people can go through so many modules a day, I struggle doing one but I’m currently finishing chapter 8 (I do 1 chapter a week). I haven’t looked back at past chapters at all since I can barely get by finishing 1 chapter a week but now I completely forgot topics even 2 chapters before. I have no idea how I will pass. After I finish my last chapter (chapter 10) I have 3 full weeks and 2 days before i take my exam. I was planning on hammering through 100-200 mcqs a day until exam day. Would this be enough or should I also watch the lectures again and do some sims? Should I also take my first mock exam before i review anything or review first before taking it? Thank you!

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