I can’t believe I’m one of the people this time saying this. I’ve always dreamed for this day, never thinking it would happen. Last year around this time I was looking up tips on how to pick myself back up to study after a failing grade, motivation tips, study methods, and everything CPA related on this subreddit.

I failed AUD with a 64, was on the verge of being dropped from my accounting degree (but graduated with a 2.7 GPA, loool)

(FAR 76, AUD 64, 78, BEC 79, REG 86)

But it’s all over! If my dumbass self, who almost didn’t graduate and managed to scrape by these exams while working through the shittiest and longest busy season (tax) this year while studying, so can you!

Thank you r/CPA

Ya’ll are the best!

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