Hi Bookkeeping Team,

I am currently a Finance Manager located in Canada and have experience and expertise in all financials, but does not have any bookkeeping experience in my resume, but when I posted that I am interested in being one for a small biz company, I have seen great response.

So, I am meeting with a potential client next week to discuss what the work entails, and since this is my first (hopefully), I do not know what are things I am supposed to offer or do. I was hoping the community can help me answer all this questions, if possible.

  1. The work entails only 1-2 days (for now), what should be the pricing be? NOTE THAT I AM LIVING IN CANADA, NOT SURE IF THAT MATTERS FOR PRICING

  2. It’s also the client’s first time having a bookkeeper, so he does not really know yet what actually he needs. Can someone give me a brief “duties and responsibilities” I can offer for the client, potentially while we try to figure out what actually he needs help on.

  3. Any specific program I should be investing on in order to be an effective bookkeeper?

  4. More questions to come and appreciate greatly all your help.

Thank you, Patrick

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