Hello everyone.

I have a dilemma I’m facing at the moment. While I understand CPA is King and I should be focusing on that. I do plan however to attain a masters degree. By the time I start, I will have CPA eligibility and so will be studying concurrently.

However, I am in need of advice regarding whether I should pursue Master of Science Accountancy or Master of Science Taxation. ( Keep in mind I do plan to study and take CPA same time)

Would you guys choose Taxation over the accountancy? I reason this is a good way to go as , from talks with staff in Meet the Firms, not many ( if at all) have tax courses. So I figured pursue that instead of accountancy.

Something to note: Apparently, according to the school I’m applying for ( Cal State Fullerton) I’m nearly done with required courses for accounting. So, I would only need 7 courses left to attain master of Accountancy.


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