Does it make you roll your eyes? Especially when they know nothing about your field or what you are doing?

I started at a pa firm 3 weeks ago so obviously I’m not an expert on the field in any way but I don’t understand the sense in an engineer who literally didn’t even know what a big 4 firm was a few months ago now telling me that he talked to an office buddy and he told him that this was a great start or how I got lucky or telling me how many years I should stay at the firm at minimum. I don’t need an engineer to tell me about my job just to feel like an expert when there’s better sources of information available.

Does it sometimes feel like some people just have to chime in on everything when they know you have better sources to go to for those discussions? I’m more of a why not hold your peace than say something for the sake of it type. I don’t say anything but as a mid 20s guy I don’t think I need accounting career advice from an engineer who spent 20 minutes on google learning about it. I don’t say anything because I don’t want to be cocky.

Do you experience it? Do you just ignore it? I guess it’s kind of an extension of will you do my taxes or being told at a party how the career is pointless because fraud still happens.

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