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Based in Dublin, Ireland. Recently qualified ACCA, financial services trained. Average ACCA grades (few fails), average degree before it. In short, average candidate. Left my last role to finish my exams (and as had some plans to emigrate after, cheers Corona). ACCA member since June and not a sniff of a job. Obvs the market isn’t its usual self, but how few interviews I’ve bagged is worrying.

Naturally trying to improve myself in the downtime. Doing CFI Financial Modelling cert ; doing some data analytics certificate in local Uni. Wasn’t planning on doing major further study (eg MSc) but given the market and the world hunkered down, it would be a good time to do 1. My dream would be to get into corp finance (pipe dream) and failing that FP&A/Management accounting. Should I pursue an MSc FInance? Would a top 70 worldwide programme. Or is it less important than the ACCA plus relevant experience, etc? Should I hold off for an MBA down the line instead?

Or any other guidance/suggestions? All advice welcome.

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