Words cannot describe how happy I am for this process to be over. From start to finish, the California Board of Accountancy was absolutely terrible to work with and I am so relieved to be done. For everyone still going through it, stay strong and stick with it. You will eventually get your license. Below is a timeline for anyone curious about processing times during COVID: – Submitted the completed application (all exams done, including ethics, all education and experience support was received by CBA, finger printing was done, check was included): April 24, 2020 – Check cashed: June 3, 2020 – Initial notice from CBA that my application was under review: June 19, 2020 – Notice that experience & 3 1/3 education units were missing: July 28, 2020 – Resent signed experience form via email and contested education deficiencies: July 28, 2020 – Experience was accepted: Aug 21, 2020 – Education was re-reviewed and approved (they admitted to making an error first time around): Aug 24, 2020 – Application approved and initial license fee was requested: Aug 24, 2020 – Check delivered to CBA: Aug 27, 2020 – Check cashed: Sept 3, 2020 – CPA License number received: Sept 21, 2020

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