Smart Bitcoiners are recieving first red flags on Bitcoin lacking built-in privacy solutions and as a result unable to be an ultimate tool in a fight with totalitarian government control.

We’ve had Andreas Antonopulous speaking about importance of privacy and sensorship resistance of sound money FOR YEARS. Yet I don’t see any onchain improvements in that direction on Bitcoin protocol!

Now, privacy has it’s “risks” – it slows down adoption:

  1. Most governments will oppose privacy, ban and fight it very hard.
  2. Centralized exchanges will refuse to list and may delist privacy focused coins. And we’ve seen that.

But what we’re also seeing in the world, is how fast it becomes a MESS with governments going full control freaks and A LOT of people in need of SOLUTION. And this is the bullish case for Litecoin. But here it gets even more interesting.

With MWEB LTC becomes the most decentralized sound money with OPT-IN privacy solution. I wish it would be stronger though, but that may be a feature yet to come. What I really like is the fact Litecoin foundation acknowledging all that.
And it’s important to understand that the fact it is OPT-IN – centralized entities and governments are LESS likely oppose it, ban it, fight it at an early stage. Exchanges & stores can simply demand transactions in LTC to be open when you operate with them so they don’t have to delist, slowing adoption.

Bitcoin may end up getting compromised by governments exploiting it’s way too open nature. I strongly believe that the longer Bitcoin community hesitates, the harder it’ll be for Bitcoin to reach positive consensus on privacy. So unless Bitcoin gets strong built-in privacy solutions withing the next ~2 years I’m heavily bullish on LTC future for years to come.

I’m a bitcoiner, but it’s always good to have an alternative option if you feel shit is getting bad in your echo chamber. So Litecoiner now too, I guess.

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