I basically do the same thing at the office as I do at home.

Except I am a lot more tired coz I have to waste 2 hours travelling to and from the office.

I have more headaches and a strained neck coz I can’t work in my PJs and I have to be glued to my screen to “look busy”. I have to wear tight office clothes that are frankly strangling all parts of me.

I can’t just walk away from my desk whenever I feel like to ease out the long periods. No taking those 30 minute breaks at home anymore.

My productivity is actually worse compared to when I’m at home for reasons including the factors above.

Notice how the majority of people saying we need to go back to work are bosses who have their own room and also need to have staff to monitor so they can pretend they are contributing value.

I was reading up the article saying people would rather quit their jobs than go back to the office. I heavily agree especially knowing the only reason we do it is because the bosses have such fragile egos and don’t want to be exposed that a lot of their “responsibilities” are not real ones.

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