I’m a senior about to graduate with my Bachelors in Accounting and a major GPA of 3.93 and the closer I get to graduation, the more I realize I really don’t want to pursue a CPA license. I’m extremely particular about my grades which means studying is my entire life at the moment and it is absolutely destroying my mental health. I can’t imagine going for a masters degree and a CPA license after all of this. I’d much prefer a stable industry job over public any day. I’m not the type of person who wants to be a CEO or in any kind of higher position. I just want to be comfortable and make enough to start a family. My definition of success doesn’t come from my position on some career ladder. I don’t want to study my life away when all it would get me is a potentially higher salary or position. As long as I make enough to be comfortable with my family, I will be happy. Just needed to get that off my chest as everyone around me recently has been pounding the idea into my head that I HAVE to get a CPA.

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