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I use gusto for payroll and one of my workers needed cash immediately so I ran an off cycle payroll and printed a check. He doesn’t have a bank account so I always printed him checks. I see that he is paying $4-5 for cashing the checks, which is also the money he could use for other things.

I read on fincen.gov that I can cash my employees payroll checks, and that’s what I did. It was a check for $400. I printed it, signed in the front, he signed the back, and I handed him $400.

Now I’m about to deposit this check to the bank, but I don’t know how to properly enter the series of transactions.

I do have a “Reimbursement TakaTuka” account. So every time I make a purchase with my credit card, I enter the purchase, and say it was made with that credit account, and then when I withdraw that amount from the company books, I say “Transfer to Reimburse TT” account.

In my head it’ll be something like this

  1. Payroll expense from “Reim TT” credit account to employee A (Categorize as payroll expense)
  2. Withdraw check amount from main account (match this withdrawal with the deposit)
  3. Deposit check amount to main account (match this deposit with withdrawal)
  4. Transfer the money from Main account to “Reim TT” credit account. (Categorize as transfer)

Is this correct?

If I can figure out how to do this, I’ll start doing it every paycheck. All those $5s per paycheck add up, and I’d like to do the best for them.


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