We’ve been building a B2B SaaS recently. Primarily we’ve been focused in targeting business owners looking for affordable marketing solutions that “run on autopilot” per say. This is an idea we’ve already validated with business owners of multiple sizes and industries.

I know that trust in your team and idea is core, but I can’t say that looking through here hasn’t made me feel that this giant is much bigger than we thought it would be to tame.

Our plan was to launch an MVP and start with a progressively aggressive marketing effort. There are two members of our team with great skill in setting up different types of campaigns across different platforms and are very well equipped in terms of being able to maximize the user data that we collect, track goals, conversion values, events, etc.

Our current business model is providing contracting services for SMBs, and we’ve been away essentially all our profit to prioritize having decent runway for launch, but now I don’t know if it even is enough. We wanted to launch an initial set of campaigns with a strong remarketing effort and planned to have a $5K starting budget per month, and expected to be able to maintain that running for at least 6 months with our reserves alone.

Now I’m wondering if this is even worth trying? We are a mostly technical team, but have primary members that help prioritize marketing, customer support, and sales. We’ve had success with these strategies at existing companies but it seems like it’s impossible to make happen with ours just by reading of other peoples experiences.

Is our capital enough? I just don’t know what is possible and impossible anymore. Being an engineer I’m numbers driven but being a business owner I want to believe that we’ll be successful given the proper decisions are made. Is this even worth continuing to try?

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