A bit of context. Im a 61 yr old carpenter. After a lifetime of hard work an opportunity called Covid happened. Call it the perfect storm ( for me anyway). Covid, Robbinhood, access to money & time on my hands. Just before covid my son was dabbing in the market with Robbinhood. His experience led me to take a chance and enroll ( something I don’t readily do).

I mostly invested in REIT’S With my 9 grand from my vacation fund. That was May 2020. By June I had emptied my bank account & had borrowed 30 grand from my annuity . I had $ 60,000 in the market.

I learned slow ( wish I bought Tesla ! ) I was taken in by high dividends. Growth was slow but steady. I realized I’d never again see a market downturn like this and was determined to take advantage of it.

By November I had learned more about the market and started thinking more for myself. I move large portions of my portfolio into oil. I grew up through the oil shortages of the 70’s and thought I had a good understanding of the industry. Stick with what you know Right?

XOM, FANG, USDP, VLO … I was making money !

Here I am 1 yr later with $160,000. In equity ! I’m blown away !

But what next ? I have 100 g’s in REIT’s and 130 g’s in oil related stocks. I’ve used as much margin money as I could , 70 g’s , trying to make the most of this covid event. But where do I go from here? I know I’m unbalanced but don’t want to give up the earning potential in oil just yet. Maybe later this year I’m thinking I should trim my exposure but go were ?

The taxes are going to suck but that’s what newbies do. We Learn. So… I’m looking for some advice on a strategy that will move my portfolio into a long term income source.

Please help ! I’m all ears !

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