Applied for and got approved instantly for an Am Ex gold card. (no preset spending limit)

So they overnight the card to me and I activate it immediately and also add it to Apple Pay.

Next morning I go to start using it and make a purchase of around $150.00 at a pet supply store. It goes through and I leave the store. In the parking lot I try to put a mobile order in at a restaurant. The total is $23.00 but it wont go through.

I call Am Ex and after several questions from the rep she tells me ok your card should work now. Try it again and it still doesn’t work. So I call them back again and they tell me they need to do an “Intellicheck ID verification”

For some reason the link they sent me would not connect properly from my phone so I told them I would do it when I got to my home WiFi. I get home, call them again but now they wont send the link to my phone.

They say I need to do it on a laptop instead. I told them I don’t have a laptop only an iPad. The website they wanted me to go to wont load properly on an iPad. So now they say they will email me a form and I need to get it notarized at a bank and send it back to them.

I am going to do this but Im thinking if they had doubts I was me why did they approve my $150.00 charge? They started flagging me for a $23.00 charge.

Have had plenty of other fraud alerts from other CC issuers. It was always handled easily with a text or phone call.

Completely understand they want to cover their ass but this seems excessive.

I was very frustrated but very nice to the rep on the phone. I told them they are the highest annual fee I pay for any card I have and so far I’m not liking all the hoops they are making me jump through.

Does this seem normal?

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