Obviously I was going to be denied eventually my experian fico is 659, equifax fico 648, TransUnion fico 652.

(3 CC’s in good standing and a 4 year old collection account ~$700)

Should I be concerned about the wasted hard inquiry that dropped my score on top of me not getting the card?

Current cards:

-Cap 1 platinum secured ($500) (6 months)

-Discover it secured ($200) (4 months)

-Cap 1 savor one ($2000) (2 months)

I wanted this Bank of America card for 3% back on gas as my custom category choice, I thought this would pair well with my SavorOne’s 3% back on food/groceries.

Should I stop applying for any new cards for the rest of 2023? I only applied for this BOA card because they pre approved me on their website only to deny my application… Bummer

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