EQUITY PLUS (2.0) … Opens Again For Registrations !!
 Hello All And Welcome back !!

This is Atul Here again and We are here again with the Highly Demanded Service by Retail Investors and Traders. 
We Actually Closed The Service as The Management is Tough and As Per Our Expectations Market was Also Volatile. We Always Smell The Smoke Before It starts Burning Somewhere. 
We are Steadily Moving Ahead in Our Earlier Batches. This is All About Patience and We Always Like People with patience.
Wealth Creation is a Long Term Journey and Specially In Equity With Small Capital, it is Really Tough But Not Impossible. When The Capital is Small, The First and Most Important Job of the Fund Manager Becomes Protection of Capital and Accumulation of Profit slowly in First Phase. In the next Phases it starts Becoming Easier as The Capital grows and With Proper Money management, We can Easily Trade Lot Of Things Aggressively and With Proper Diversification of Capital, We Can Reduce the Risk. 
This Package is Specifically Designed For Small Capital. 
Small Investors Who Need to Compound the Money with Less Risk Can always Look at this Option For Small Allocation from the Investment. 
In My Last Post About Equity Plus .. I have Asked Few Questions … 

  • Do You Have the Desire to be Successful in Stock Markets ? 
  • Do you Have Patience for Your Own Growth ? 
  • Do you Want to make your Own Life Peaceful and Wealthy ? 
  • Do you Want to Build Your Retirement Corpus ?

There are Many More Questions, That You Must Ask Yourself …. 

Many Have Dreams To be Wealthy and be a Crorepati in Their Life …. But How Many have the Plan For it ?? 

I can Assure you, Trading on Tips from Different Free WhatsApp Groups, TV Analysts and Friend Circle…. Can Never Make You RICH !! 
Trading Randomly on Anyone’s Tips, Gambling with Options to Multiply your Capital Overnight Doesn’t make you a Crorepati. 
Follow a Time Tested and Proven Method of Wealth Creation. The Method that is followed by all the great Minds and Known Investors in the World. The Method is Simple… But Simple is Always Boring !! 

The Plan is Very Simple.
Explaining Few Basic Requirements First : 
  • Capital Requirement : 2 Lacs 
  • Trading Instruments : Plain Equity Only 
  • Trading Method : Longs Only 
  • Margin Required : 100% Non Leveraged (No Margin Used) 
  • Trade Holding Period : 2 to 4 Weeks 
  • Trade Updates : Through WhatsApp Only
  • Your Time Required : Weekly 20-30 Minutes Only. 
  • Trading Account : Dedicated Account for this Purpose
These are Basic Requirements… In Short, With a Capital of 2 Lacs, We will Trade Equity Trades with a Short Term Delivery and Proper Diversification of the Portfolio. No Margin Will be Used, So There is Absolutely No RISK !! 
We Will Send You Trades With Small Analysis, The Trade Message on WhatsApp Will Include, Stock Name, Entry Level, Quantity to be Purchased, Approx Stoploss, Approx Targets, Invested Capital, Risk and Reward as Usual in Our Style. 
The Messages are Sent Through a WhatsApp Broadcast Message and It will be Well in Advance, So You are in Position to Place the Order at given Level. 
Once Order is Placed, Close Your terminal and Focus On your Work. The Trade will be Done Automatically when Price Reaches the Levels. We Don’t Need to Track the Trade as it is Positional Trade and We May Continue Holding it Till We are Satisfied with the Targets. 

Once The Exit Level is Expected, You Will Get a Message with the Exit Update. Just Place The Sell Orders at Given Rate and Close the Terminal. Whenever Price Reaches The Levels, Your Orders Will Get Triggered !! 

You Job is To Just Punch Orders Once in a While. No More Tracking Markets, No More Running For Finding Good Trades, No More Headache !! 

No Need to Ask Us anything. 
Whenever an Update is Needed, Your WhatsApp Will Buzz. 
If There is No Need, We will Not Spam You and Will Not Disturb You. 
We Keep Rotating Trades as Per Market and Momentum. 
Stock Selection is Completely based on Technical Analysis. No News based Trades, No Random Selection. 
Initially The Trades will be Smaller and Profit will also Look Smaller. We Keep Accumulating Profit and Once The Account Starts Growing, We Keep Increasing Trade Size to Increase Profit Potential. It’s a Gradual Process. 
This is Approximately 8 Years Journey, Out of Which First Few Years will be Too Boring as the Capital is Small and Need time to grow. Once Capital Grows, Trading Frequency, Churning will Increase and The Profit Ratio will Increase Exponentially. 
Those Who Have Patience, Will Only Sustain in This Journey !! 
Those Who are Always in a Hurry … Will Not Sustain More than 1st Phase of the Journey !! 
Repeating Again for Your Understanding in Short : 
  • Capital Required : 2 Lacs 
  • Account Required : Dedicated for this Work 
  • Time Duration : Approx 7 to 8 Years. 
  • Expected NET PROFIT : Rs. 1 Crore Only. 
  • Trading Instruments : Plain EQUITY Only 
  • Trading Style : Longs Only 
  • Trade Messages : Through WhatsApp Only 
  • Trade Guidance : Detailed Message Including Qty and Price to Enter are Sent. 
  • Trade Updates : Exit Updates sent well in Advance.
  • Trade Holding : Holding Period Approx 2 to 4 Weeks Per Trade. 
  • Time Required : 30 Min Max in Every Week. 
  • Risk Potential : Max 10% of Capital. 
The Journey is Always Simple From the First Look, But It is Never going to be Easy. If It was Easy, You might have Found Every Alternate Trader to be a Crorepati.. isn’t it ?? 
This is a Complex Journey and That’s Why You Need a Expert By your Side Who is Tirelessly Working 18 Hrs a Day Since Last 15 Years and Still Having Same or More Patience Than Every other Trader. Precision, Accuracy and Stock Selection is a Part of Game. But Managing Everything Seamlessly for next 8 Years is a Tough Job  and That’s Our Expertise !! 

Anyone Having Enough Capital and Loves Money Can Join !! 
Students, Housewives, Professionals, Working Women, Salaried Individuals, Businessmen, Retired … Anyone Who Wants To Build a Large Corpus Slowly and Steadily with a Dedication Can Join this Journey !! 

This Journey will be a Great Learning Experience For you All … It is an Elite Experience. Your First Step to Join the BIG LEAGUE !! 

This Opportunity is Not For All …. 

The Access is Restricted to Limited Members … 

We are Adding Only 100 Members in this Batch … and We Literally Opening up After Almost 1 Year !! 

There is a Long Que for This Service and Many are Standing and Waiting in the Waiting list …. First Preference Will be to The Waiting List Members and Then New Members !! 

We are Opening The Registrations Officially From Today the 18th Feb 2022… 

The Registrations are Open Till 20th March 2022 … We Know, Everyone Needs Time To Arrange Finances and Other Requirements.. So Do Prepare Yourself and Register Before it’s Late !! 

Once We Get 100 Members, We will be Closing The Window… and We are Not Sure When It will Open Next Time !! 

So Grab The Opportunity and Register Without Wasting Time… !! 

First Year Fees For the Service will Be : 40,000/- Per Participant. 
I have announced a Yearly Hike of 10% Last Year … But as a Gesture of Goodwill, I am Differing the Hike For New Members Only !! 
The Fees Will be Applicable Upto 20th March 2022. After 20th March, If Anyone Insists On Joining … The Fees upto 1st April 2022 Will be 40,000 + 18% GST …. So a Straight Rise of 18% !! 

Think About It !! 

Either Way … If We Get 100 Members Earlier, We will be Closing The Registrations.  

From Second Year Onwards, The Fees Will Increase By 10% Annually. 
Here is Your Link for Registration : 

Contact us : 
WhatsApp : (+91) 8275 298 208 
Email : service@planmymoney.in 
I Personally Recommend Equity Plus and Equity Marvels Subscription For Everyone …. These are Must Have and a Part of Your Long Term Wealth Creation Journey !! 

You May Recommend This to Your Friends, Family and Colleagues. 

Wealth Creation Needs Asset Diversification and Proper Planning of Investments. 

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