Does metaverse worry you? Dystopia is close?
Does metaverse worry you? Dystopia is close?

Hello everyone, I’m not sure whether this is the appropriate sub for this subject, but I’m hoping we can talk about it here. I want to share with you a few thoughts regarding the Metaverse that kind of concern me.

As we all know, Metaverse is intended to be a place where you will “be able to hang out with friends, work, play, learn, shop, create, and more.” But doesn’t that part worry you that it will actually “remove physical constraints on commerce” and consolidate any and all interactions with your coworkers, your friends, family, and the market, into one headset-accessible virtual space built and controlled by Meta, of course?

What I wanna say is think of Facebook – Facebook’s infrastructure controls who your Friends are, what Groups you join, what products are available to you on the Marketplace, and what kind of content you see. The Metaverse plans on making these features truly immersive while adding a virtual workplace, further controlling commerce, and offering a slew of educational tools created by Meta.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so into the crypto industry and blockchain tech, and I think it’s great how it is all developing. But I dunno, I would rather buy some Elan tokens that produce free renewable energy or do something smart with the tech we have today than become obsessed with stuff such as the metaverse.

Do you think they intend to have major control over people? I mean, when people become antisocial (which will become if they spend the whole day in the metaverse), you can control them easily; they’re not interested in everyday problems, in politics, in the environment, they just don’t care, and you may serve any information to them if you want to.

If the COVID-19 lockdown showed us anything, life on the Internet is no longer optional. Much political life has effectively moved online, with news and discourse happening on our screens more than streets, and labor is increasingly moving to the home.

The potential of the Internet is vast, and much of it is promising. Still, this future cannot be left in the hands of a single, untrustworthy corporation that remains accountable to nobody. There is a reason why we dislike state-controlled media and government surveillance: they signify an unacceptable degree of government control over our daily lives.

I even found out some statistics, more than 2,500 U.S. adults, people are currently more likely to fear the metaverse than be excited about it. What do you think—does the metaverse’s arrival have a more important purpose and impact than we realize?

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