Time to post my 2021 total dividends received from three stock accounts.

Total dividends from my brokerage account: $13,232.01

Total dividends from my Roth account: $703.44

Total dividends from my IRA account: $99.45

Grand total for 2021: $14,034.90

My overall portfolio values and financial mental values have really shifted over the course of last year. When I’m talking about portfolios I am also including my crypto holdings. Don’t worry, I am still a big believer in long term dividend growth investing. I still have all my stocks in my brokerage account and I still invest and reinvest dividends for “baby” (no longer a baby) DivHut. That being said, the reason for my mental shift in finances was the result of seeing my crypto portfolio gain on my stock portfolio and then surpass it by a long shot hitting a hair under seven figures.

I really got into bitcoin and ether midway through 2017 buying up the crypto assets as low as $3,000 for BTC and just under $300 for ETH. Happy to say, I held and kept buying through crypto winter sleeping well at night as volatility in those crypto assets would swing wildly. No sells for me.

Crypto assets are the future specifically BTC. I’m not here to tell anyone they need to buy BTC. All I am saying is that for me it is an important part of an overall asset portfolio allocation. As you know, some of us invest solely in dividend stocks, which may or may not include, ETFs, REITs, mutual funds and the like (some are opposed to those type of assets in a dividend income portfolio). Some of us invest in real estate directly, precious metals as well. I have read blog posts about people investing in lending platforms. Whatever the case may be we all diversify into other asset classes as we see fit. Personal finance right? Key word being personal.

One notable change in my portfolios going forward has been the liquidation of my Roth and IRA portfolios for one asset, GBTC. Looking for more long term bitcoin exposure I have bought into GBTC with those accounts as I cannot touch that cash till retirement age anyway. Going forward my retirement accounts will no longer provide any dividend income. I may have to wait a while for those accounts to fully mature as BTC gains value but I can wait. I’m in this for the long haul, dividends and BTC alike. The brokerage account stays the same with all the same dividend kings, aristocrats, challengers, etc. we all know and love. Still have my AAPL, MSFT, JNJ, ABT, ABBV, GIS, UL, PFE, SO, MMM, MCD, YUM, ED, TROW, PEP, KO and many more. As I said, I still am into dividend growth investing.

Disclosure: Long all stocks mentioned

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