Is this a dumb strategy? I’m a bit ignorant of finance. But really tired of paying so much to someone else’s equity. I just want my own place.

I work remotely so I can go wherever. Currently I earn $125k before taxes but don’t have much savings due to extended education and bad spending habits (edit – my spending habits aren’t the main issue here, what I meant is I was a professional student with low stipend, below poverty level, who ate out a lot and had a dog with $$$ medical issues, he’s dead now, I’m not compulsive shopping or anything like that). The city I live in, studios end up being about $2k+ for a decent situation. I’d rather not live in a tiny/dark apartment (minimum $1500ish for worst studios) because I work from home so I’m there the vast majority of the time.

I could go live in remote Alaska rent free (gorgeous comfortable house and location) and work remotely and save as much as possible for a while (nothing to spend it on…), then return to the big city to purchase a home in a year. I have lots of airline miles so I could visit the big city every once in a while. I grew up in Alaska and visit from time to time so I know what I’d be getting into. Would look forward to the nature time.

Alternatively, I enjoy my work but could potentially jump to $180k if I went to a different company. That company would also let me work from Alaska – in fact the founder has been “joking” about doing the same thing for years. I feel bad bailing on my projects because they help lots of people. I’ve only been there less than a year and am leading a big project and sharing lead on multiple others. I already told my job I needed a raise to $140 but they only raised me to $125. I believe I am being underpaid for my market value. My niche skills are in high demand. I am recruited on LinkedIn about once a week. Should I focus on getting a higher paid position and stay in the expensive city? Get it and save in Alaska for a bit anyway?

(Btw I do have retirement accounts and am working with two different financial advisors for investing whatever money I have)

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