Throwaway for obvious reasons.

Been grinding for 8 years now since college (3 in public and 5 in industry). Current industry job (3 years) pays well but has been absolute hell over the past year and am absolutely burned out.

Currently work at start up (never again) and the work is just too much and frankly I don’t give a fuck about anything anymore. I used to pride myself on providing quality, timely work and now I can’t even get out of my bed each morning without a panic attack knowing the onslaught of bullshit waiting for me. I manage the entire accounting department (very lean team for our company size and complexity of transactions). Don’t want to get into too many details but I am basically left alone on an island all day because management doesn’t understand the importance of accounting or what we even do to ensure we can pass our annual audit.

Anyone ever quit to just relax and travel for a a bit? Honestly feel like if I go into another job right away with this level of burn out, it’s gonna end just the same.

Lease ends next month. Have years of savings to last on, but ideally I’d only want to take 4-6 months off.

Not too worried about finding a job when coming back, but not too sure how to proceed in quitting. I like my team for the most part and this summer would be suck for them if I left now, but I’m afraid I’m gonna rage quit one day and burn even more bridges.

Any advice for someone who is burned the fuck out from this profession?

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