A little update to the above thread.

Contacted amex back a few days ago and was informed that the case was closed because proof was never received. I then was asked if I had proof and I responded “yes, I even uploaded the picture of the 125k offer back when all this started via the document center that the original rep linked me”. I was then told that the original case never even had an image or file attached to it. So after uploading the picture again, which the document center still shows my previous submission that they claimed they never received haha, I was told again to contact back in a few days.

Contacted back about an hour ago and guess what… a new case was never opened and the old one was never re escalated. Finally just called in and the dispute department pretty much just told me to re-re-upload the picture and they would escalate it and to wait 6-8 weeks again. Also the dispute lady I spoke to even CONFIRMED that I had the 125k offer “available for me” but maybe AFTER I submitted my application that it could’ve gone back down. Fingers crossed.

Will update again in… 6-8 weeks 🙂

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